Bye Bye

Thank you everyone. The project is now over with SDHC driver available for most devices, and T3-BigCard available on the T|T3. This blog is now closed and will no longer be updated.


T|T3 and 2 and 4 GB SD [not SDHC] cards

Feeling a bit guilty over killing the SDHC project for the T|T3 (and seeing a few requests in the comments to the previous post) I decided to help in a smaller way. But fixing Palm's errors in the existing driver, thus allowing it to read/write 2 and 4 GB SD [not sdhc] cards. Owners know that the default driver can read 2 and 4GB cards, but cannot write cards over 1GB.

This fixed it.

The download you need is T3-bigCard from PalmPowerups.com download area.

Here's a link: [ => LINK <= ]


PowerSDHC on T|T3, iQue, Zodiac

PowerSDHC on T|T3, iQue, Zodiac has been canceled due to lack of time to spend on the project (T|T3) and needlessly complicated driver installation requirements (Zodiac, iQue).


New version

Version has been released fixing a serious bug
please delete older versions and update to avoid problems


T3 progress

more progress made with the T|T3 controller (may whoever designed it burn in hell forever). Now I have it reliably talking to me until I ask the card for it's unique ID. This is major progress!



PowerSDHC has been released in full. Price is set at 20.95 USD and all beta keys should work. All trial keys have been reset so you can get one now to try the release build. This release supports:>
  • Tungsten T|C
  • Tungsten E2
  • Tungsten T|5
  • LifeDrive
  • Palm TX
  • Zire 31
  • Zire 72
Support for other devices might be announced at a later time.

To help you choose an SDHC card for your new driver here are some links to good prices.

NOTE: These are the upfront prices. I never had any luck with rebates, so I always pass those deals by.

SDHC cards are rated on speed by "class". There are 4 classes: 0, 2, 4, 6. Class 0 has no guarantees on speed. Class 2 guarantees 2MB/s write speed, class 4 guarantees 4MB/s write speed and class 6 guarantees 8 MB/s write speed. Almost nobody makes class 0 and class 2 cards (which makes sense since nobody would want them), but here are some deals on class 4 and 6 cards. Also are listed some card X cards. These are theoretically class 6, but have been observed to perform better than 6 MB/s. NOTE: There is no official class X classification. This is what I label cards that perform better than class 6.

4 GB8 GB16 GB32 GB
class 4$18.42$20.95$45.25$135.59
class 6$8.95$14.45$34.75$169.95
class X$21.83$35.27$99.99$299.99


T|T3 update

I GOT the confidential docs on the SD chip in T|T3 and work has been resumes on supporting it.

Let the rejoicing begin...