Beta 1.0.9 was jsut released. This adds official T|C support and full read-write MMCplus support. Now MMCplus cards read, write, and on devices like TX, LD, T5, and Zire 72 are 3 - 5 times faster than they were with Palm's driver (on E2, Z31, and TC it is just 1.5 - 2 times faster). See previous blog entry to speed results.

Also fixed is a small UI bug where PowerSDHC splash screen left the DIA on 320x480 devices in an indeterminate state.


Xsoldier2000 said...

You just keep getting things better and better for the Palm world.

Rock on Dimitry....and thanks!

kcchua said...

So far after using for 4 days, on my TX, it has been working fine except for the need to reinsert card after reset.

When is the release version be out?

馬克 said...

I cannot found for $20 USD for Buy link.
Would you tell me the link for $20 USD of purchase powerSDHC via Paypal?