T|T3 and 2 and 4 GB SD [not SDHC] cards

Feeling a bit guilty over killing the SDHC project for the T|T3 (and seeing a few requests in the comments to the previous post) I decided to help in a smaller way. But fixing Palm's errors in the existing driver, thus allowing it to read/write 2 and 4 GB SD [not sdhc] cards. Owners know that the default driver can read 2 and 4GB cards, but cannot write cards over 1GB.

This fixed it.

The download you need is T3-bigCard from PalmPowerups.com download area.

Here's a link: [ => LINK <= ]


Roshantee said...

Although still sad about no SDHC support, thank you very much for this patch. I guess I can live with 4GBs. :-)



fanium said...

4GB is much better than 1GB~~

thanks dmitrygr

MP said...

I can't get the file to install on my T|T3. I've downloaded it twice, from two different browsers on two computers. Each time I try to install, I get the error "Install synchronization failed" for that particular file.

Is there something I'm not understanding?

Dmitry Grinberg said...

Yes. A lot.
You're not installing it right

it's a driver

ask on 1src.com palm forum how to install it. people there have the time to explain


Eduardo said...

Great!. It's not the SDHC driver, but so far this patched version is REALLY useful for me.
Thanks again Dmitry for all your work!!!.

DelCoelho said...


I already installed it in my T3 (after a few hard resets) and I've just ordered a 4GB SD card (the normal one, not the SDHC).

I'll inform you about the results, as soon as the card arrives.

Thanks, again!!

Walek75 said...

Man you are boss. Thank you. People like you make this world better :)

Anonymous said...

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