FAQ and Device support

To answer a lot of the same questions I keep getting and to clear up the device support I am making this post.


Q:When will the driver be released?
A:As soon as i feel that is it ready to be released. This will be soon.
Q:Does the driver has SDIO support?
A:This is being investigated, but for now it does not.
Q:Does the driver still support old non-SDHC cards?
A:Yes. SD, miniSD, microSD, transFlash, MMC, MMCPlus, MMCmobile, RS-MMC, and SDHC are supported by this driver.
Q:How fast is it?
A:The driver is significantly faster than the original PalmOne driver that your device currently has.
Q:Size limitations?
A:None. The driver supports SD cards up to 4GB, and SDHC cards up to any size.
Q:But my device does not support FAT32. Can I still use big cards?
A:You can get a working FAT32 driver (a slightly modified PalmOne driver) by doing a search on this forum. With this you can use FAT32 normally
Q:What applications support this new driver?
A:All of them! The driver integrates with the OS and thus automatically gets used by every application.
Q:My device is not listed as supported. What can I do to make it supported?
A:I will need at least 30-40 people with that device to pledge to buy the driver at its current price once it is done, and I will need to get my hands on a device of that type. You will need to get or loan me one for the time while I write the driver. Offering to test is useless, I need the device in my hands, no exceptions.

For driver architecture, which explains what "AAL" and "DAL" mean see here

T|Xdonedonefully supported
T|T5donedonefully supported
LifeDrivedonedonefully supported
Zire 72donedonefully supported
T|E2donedonefully supported
T|Cdonefixing OS bugswill support
Zire 31donedonefully supported
T|Ework in progressdonelimited to 16 Mbit/sec
T|T3awaiting documents from WinbondN/Asupport planned
Zodiacunsatisfactory performancework in progress - DRM gets in the waysupport planned
iQue3600work in progressAwaiting loaned devicesupport planned

if your device is not in this list, see the above FAQ for how to get it into this list.


Erb said...

Regarding FAT32 drivers: Do I understand correctly that you plan on writing an improved FAT32 driver that's not a modification of PalmOne's? If so, my IAQ (infrequently asked question) is: even if I already have a FAT32 driver, will my performance be improved by using the new driver AND the SDHC driver?

Dmitry Grinberg said...

yes it will. palm fat32 driver is crap for performance

odoll said...

Are you planning to offer an option to make your driver "persistent", e.g. moving it to Flash/ROM and have it running from there? OK, I infrequently have to really reset my T|X these days (think I just did it for debugging Time Zones with OL), but I'd feel more comfortable if so, otherwise I guess I'll have to carry a "small" SD card with your drivers with me just as a backup.

Jason said...

odoll, currently there no real ways on edit the ROM of the TX (with rare exceptions).

However, there are ways of editing some of the stuff that is put into the RAM at hard reset. This is where you could put the SDHC driver is wanted, and it'd be re-created after a hard reset. Only problem would be that depending on Dmitry's registration routine, you may need to re-enter registration information every hard reset.

For more info on ROM customization for the TX see http://www.1src.com/forums/showthread.php?t=112779

Dmitry Grinberg said...

thus registration is a keyfile, which can easily tolerate being in rom.

nightslide said...

Just one question (please flog me if neccesary). For the T3, we'll be able to use the Fat32 Driver (either Palm's or Dmitry's), and this SDHC driver, but due to Palm T3 Hardware limitations, we'll still be limited to Read Only?
That's still great, just wanted to know what I will be buying. And I will be buying! Thanks Dmitry et al.

Erb said...

Want to update the table, or print a new one, summarizing devices and status?

odoll said...

re: Jason/Dmitry

have tried to browse through thread mentioned, but frankly I couldn't figure out how to add the driver to the accessible part of the "flash".

Maybe I overlook the specific post?!

Beside this: as long as the driver will work on a newly "hard reset" palm in a kind of trial mode and as long as it will support reading from the SD-card it should be a no brainer as the key will be restored by the backup!?