I get a lot of emails daily from people, with content resembling this:
Can i please buy the driver now? I know it's in beta, but i'll pay any money to have it now. Please please please?
For those devices that I personally have (TX,T5,LD,Zire72,TE2) I use the driver daily and it works, so I decided to give these people what they want. I will allow purchasing of the beta driver for those devices only, at a higher price. If you choose to do so, there are four main things to know:
  1. When the final version comes you, you get the free upgrade of course
  2. The final price will be around $20, thus you are paying a premium (whose size is to be determined) over it for getting it "right now"
  3. This is not the final version and may have bugs. I use it daily on all my devices, and it works, but of course no guarantees for you
  4. A trial version will be provided so that you may evaluate the driver. It will work for three days after which is will become read-only and limited to 50KB/s access to card.

More details of this (price, methods of purchase, etc) to follow. Please do not email me such letters anymore.

Responses to this idea are welcome in this thread

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