Beta Testers Needed

Need one more tester for T5, One more for LifeDrive, and Two more for Zire 72.

Do not get excited yet, there are conditions and requirements!

  1. You must be old enough and willing to legally sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA), which will disallow you from distributing the driver to anyone.
  2. You must reside in the USA(allows the NDA to be easily enforceable)
  3. You must have the device in question
  4. You must have SD and SDHC cards and commit to at least some daily use of each
  5. This is an unpaid position, and there is no compensation of any kind for this, including free copies of this driver
  6. The beta driver may expire before final is released

No exceptions!

If anyone is still interested, email dmitrygr@gmail.com with email subject of "SDHC BETA", in the email include:

  • your name
  • device type
  • state or province you reside in
  • cards you plan to test with
  • any other information that you think would convince me that you'd be a good person to test this

To everyone outside of the USA: sorry. I've been burned by too-open betas and piracy too badly to allow any chance of this happening again. Since i am not willing to deal with potential NDA breach in another country, I cannot allow this at this time. Please do not take this personally.

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