T|T3 #5

UPDATE: Talked to KC So again. thanks to a user on 1src, who called him and found out some more information. The problem was that Winbond thought my project was open source. I have called them, and assured them otherwise, and KC So said he will try to help me get the spec sheet. Thank you everyone who's helped.


Sputnicker said...

Hey dude! Good news!
I'm happy for it...

And I'm hungry for this driver ehehe
My p r e c i o u s... ehehe

~ FredPC ~ the PDA Junkie said...

Like everyone else, I'm glad that Winbond is finally willing to help you move this project forward. HURRAY!

I am surprised and more than a little disgusted that a company would be unwilling to provide help on their product just because they thought that this was an Open Source project. What the heck are they worried about? More people using / continuing to use the T3 / their product? That's a little ridiculous isn't it?