Q: What's the largest supported card?
A: I've tested 16GB, and it works, anything larger will too *

Q: Besides this driver what do I need to use big cards
A: On TX and LideDrive - nothing.* On all other devices to use cards 8GB+ you need a FAT32 driver.*

Q: How fast is it?
A: Currently the driver is significantly faster than the stock driver for multi-block writes, but until I release my own FAT32 implementation you're unlikely to see much increase in speed since palm's version of FAT32 rarely uses multi-block writes, for some reason.

*: PalmOS cannot report free or total space of a device over 4GB. This is an architectural and an API limit. I am releasing a hack that would help legacy applications overcome it in at least some way, while at the same time I will release a more modern api and encourage all software developers to use it.


ayvegh said...

If TX and LD are ready to go, why not just release them now, that way all the TX/LD people will stop bothering you, and you will get the funds you need to continue?

Carl said...

Does this mean you can't get 8GB+ on the T|T5? :-(

jayisking said...

how do i get hold of this driver to enable my palm TX to use my 8gb memory card ?? thanks

Robert A said...

Can I use this drives in a CLIE NX70V whith CF Utility drivers that able CF Card Slot? Right now Im using a 1 Gb CF card without problems.

ro said...

Hummm ... ayvegh's question is quite good.

edusr said...

Hummm ... ayvegh's question is quite good. (2)

edusr said...

If works, sell it to us!