About speed of mine vs Palm's driver.
Vertical scale is the same in both graphs.
Test was done with a Sandisk 512MB card, on a Palm TX after a clean hard reset.




contact said...

this really is interesting. I wonder why palm never followed up, and revised their drivers =/

Keep up the good work Dmitry!

Em said...

It's interesting that the writes are so much improved. Since you're testing below the filesystem level, I wonder why Palm's driver is so much slower on writes? Do they do some sort of extra write verify check?

Dmitry Grinberg said...

no, they just do not use multi-block writes, and thus no matter how much faster my driver makes them, it will not improve performance much...
i will probably release a better fat32 driver later...

JLS said...

Max I/O speeds two to three times faster than the existing driver. That's outstanding Dmitry!

Once you include your FAT32 driver, this is going to have a dramatic effect on running anything from a card!