Registration engine has been completely revamped to make it more user friendly - no UI and none of that annoying entering of random numbers. You just install a key file and the driver becomes registered. Trial version will be fully functional for some number of days (specific number not yet decided on), after which it will be speed-limited to about 50 KB/s and read-only. One may, of course, at any point delete it and switch to the original palm driver.

If all goes to plan, beta testing cards will be written and prepared for shipping tomorrow. Beta testers will also be selected from the pool pf applicants and sent the NDA to sign. When a tester signs the NDA, I will ship out the read-only SD card with the beta driver to him/her. The tester will then run it to obtain the device ID, which will be sent to me, in return a key file will be sent to the tester to enable unlimited operation.

Assuming no major bugs are found during the beta phase, it will run for a week or two, after which sales to the general public will begin.

I will continue perusing Zodiac and T|T3 support, since it seems those hold the majority of user interest among all the devices not currently supported by this driver.

Zodiac driver is written and works, but the DRM in the OS prevents its reliable operation. Turning the DRM completely off is currently not considered a good solution, and a better one is being researched.

T|T3 driver work will begin once I get the detailed specs for the T|T3's SD controller chip from Winbond (hopefully soon). Depending on the complexity of this interface and the intricacies of working with this chip, support for T|T3 could come in a week or in a month.

All other devices can be supported, but I will need a large-ish group of users of such devices to pledge to buy the driver before I set off working on support for that device.


Jason said...

Dmitry, if you actually could disable the Zodiac DRM, it'd helps LOTS of Zodiac users use non-zodiac programs and programs that aren't signed.

Considering new applications will never get signed, as Tapwave is out of business, this could open new doors for the Zodiac users out there, and would definitely increase you SDHC driver sales as pretty well every Zodiac user'll want it, lol

Editor said...

Will this work with the Treo 650?

javisabe said...

Dmitry, I like to obtain one of theese cards, how can I do?
Just to be shure, this software is to unlock the reading and writting of SDHC cards, isn´t?