Thanks to Em, who tested the proposed beta version and gave a few interesting suggestions. They will be implemented and then beta will be given to testers. testers will be contacted soon with a link to the NDA to sign and a fax number to fax it to.

T|T3 will take a bit of time as there is a number of steps inside Winbond that need to happen before I am able to get the needed documentation.

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~ FredPC ~ the PDA Junkie said...

Completely off topic!

Isn't it strange, that when home scanners typically support a native resolution of at least 600 dpi (often 1200 or 2400 dpi) their full colour (24 or 32 bit colour) output is not considered a legal document, but ... the lowly black and white, 98dpi (or 100 dpi) standard Fax (also a scanned image) is considered legal! ?!?!?

Some things just make you go . . . Hmmmmmm!