Devices update

DeviceSupport levelNotes
TXFullKnown bugs A and B
Tungsten T5FullKnown bugs A and B
LifeDriveFullKnown bugs A and B
Zire 72Read OnlyKnown bugs A, B and C
ZodiacIn progress.Commands work, data transmission not yet. Right slot only.
Tungsten T3In progress.Mostly finished mapping out the undocumented SD chip. Driver work to begin soon

BugDescriptionPriorityCause known/Fix known
AInserting/removing card while device is off is not acknowlegedMediumYes/Partially
BMMC[plus] Cards are readonlyLowNo
C100% write CRC errors on Zire 72MediumYes/No


brum said...
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brum said...

Mate want to appreciate all you've done for the Palm community. Thanks for being fair-dinkum.

JohnnyUndershirt said...

I was wondering how long the beta testing is expected to last before release (rough ballpark) and if this is expected to work with all brands of cards. Thanks for the hard work.

Michael said...

i can wait.. i am in sales and continually have to change out 2 gig cards due to large files.. i need this to be damn near perfect.. from what i read so far you are doing one hell of a job.
my thanks