Well, i will spend this weekend getting beta ready and sent out.

Beta includes users of TX, T|T5, LifeDrive, and Zire 72.
Beta testers will be notified around Sunday, if all goes well.


Patrice said...

Dmitry, if you are needing additional beta testers for TX, please let me know. BTW, LOVE your name (it is the name of my son in law AND grandson, although we call them both Deema!) Thanks, Patrice pcmalena@gmail.com

Ka-Efka said...

I would be happy to contribute with T5 betatesting if required.
In case, contact me by PM @1src (Ka-Efka)

vorkachev said...

I would also like to participate in beta if possible. My email is vorkachev@tochka.ru thanks!

MrAnderson said...

I have a TX and Zire 72, would love to test the beta if possible. Greetings from Chile.


FeepingCreature said...

This is awesome.

I just have a TX, and thus only need existing functionality. Is there any way I can buy it yet?

Mail's default_357-line@yahoo.de ..

Sebastian said...
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Sebastian said...

I also would like to test the beta on my Palm TX.
email: sgilits@gmail.com